Weekly Comic Update: There's a Venn For That

Because I somehow forgot to post one of these last week, you get double the goodness. Hooray for forgetfulness? CS_2-7 Ever wander into a room and forget why you came in there? The horrible abominations over at Cthulhu Slippers also have this problem from time to time.




CS_2-8 Remember folks, a clean fridge is a fridge that probably won't try to eat you. Probably.




oe-001 In the first Over-Encumbered comic we learn about Harriet's will power.






In which Yukon and Jupiter ponder life, the universe, and Venn diagrams.


This is what the Internet was created for...

After discovering this delightful abomination of confectionery accoutrement the following conversation took place on the twitters. minitotoro Bacon... frosting?? I'm not sure whether to be delighted or disgusted. http://t.co/kzN8EtBm #maybeboth

jramboz @minitotoro That sits nicely at the intersection of "things I am horrified to find actually exist" and "things that I must have."

minitotoro Thanks to @jramboz this now requires a Venn diagram.  http://t.co/VqmN2lOU

jramboz @minitotoro Everything is better with Venn diagrams!

minitotoro @jramboz YES. :)

And thus this was born. All credit for the wording goes to Jason Ramboz, of course.

Also, you're welcome.