30 Characters Challenge: Day 1 - Tilly Mooncog

Previous Novembers I have been known to partake in the great month long noveling known as NaNoWriMo. Not this year. This year I've decided to try something new, namely the 30 Characters challenge. The task is to create a new character each day in November. So... here's my first character. Her name is Tilly Mooncog and she has a little junkbot critter to lend a hand.

Tilly’s not the wealthiest of folks, but then again, nobody on the far side of Trigger IV had much fortune smile upon them. At least she knows how to make a good junkbot. Around these parts that skill will get a girl some respect – not much, mind you, but some.

Awesomeness: The Adventures of Ellie Connelly

Occasionally I stumble upon a webcomic that is incredibly charming and addictive. In the case of The Adventures of Ellie Connelly, I was kindly handed page one of this delightful comic while wandering the floor at the Emerald City Comic Con (note to creators, advertising does work, I know, shocking). If only I wasn't stumbling around in a sensory overload trance, as I am susceptible to doing at cons, I would have taken a closer look at the comic right then. But alas, I didn't until I returned home, and my brain started properly processing everything from the weekend.

At any rate, this is a wonderful and beautifully drawn webcomic. Its industrial era charm mixed with a headstrong female protagonist and fast paced action centered around a tantalizing mystery makes for a page-turning read. I highly recommend you check it out. For your convenience I'll even point you to the first page in the series.

I know I am looking forward to the next installment of Ellie Connelly's adventures.

But wait! There's more! If you enjoy the comic and would like your very own shiny copy of Ellie's adventures, the first couple of chapters are available in pretty pretty PDF and CBZ format over here for the incredibly low price of $.99! Macaroni... and CHEESE!