Have you heard the rumor? No, not the one about the chipmunk swarms. The other one. The one about spring. It comes.

I know, I know, it's hard to believe. The long, cold, dark and damp winter has been upon us for so long the very idea of new growth and bright green buds has become a long forgotten childhood fable in many of our minds. But, I'm hear to tell you, the rumor is true.

I didn't believe it myself until this morning. Even with a snow dusted yard (which in itself ranks pretty high on the weather weirdness meter for this little corner of the world), there was the unmistakable tremor of spring in the air. You could just tell that winter had finally thrown in its metaphorical hat and handed over the reins to spring.

It's a hard thing to describe. One day some vestigial season indicator goes off in the ancient mouse-like recesses of your brain, and CLICK! it's most definitely spring. Yessireebob. Time to come out of hibernation, start foraging for succulent green stuff, clean the winter funk out of the house, and start painting rooms ridiculously bright colors [1].

Either that, or my brain finally had enough of winter and decided that seasonal delusions were in order. Whichever the case, I'm glad spring is finally here, even if it is all a lie. It's my precious precious lie.

[1] It's called "cool lava" and it's a HAPPY color, OK? Don't you judge me!