Europa Critters from CosmoQuest Hangoutathon

Here are the two critters I drew during the CosmoQuest Hangoutathon last month. The prompt was, what might live in Europa’s ice encased oceans?


This first one I was inspired by deep sea invertebrate life such as anemones, sea cucumbers, and feather stars. Someone on the live stream had requested something that was a hexapod.


This second one was inspired by polychaete worms and gooseneck barnacles, with the swimming critters in the distance a mix between a hooded nudibranch and the ancient Cambrian pikaia.

Redshirts Fan Art

There's this pretty nifty sci-fi author guy called John Scalzi. You may have heard of him. If not, well, you're missing out on some really good stories. You really should go read (or listen to) one of his books right away. At any rate, he has this book called Redshirts coming out June 5th. It's about redshirts. I know, right? I'm giddy with anticipation, but I digress. So,  Scalzi decided it might be fun to have a little slideshow of fan art before the release. The only problem was that he had no fan art since the book hasn't been released yet. Being the clever fellow he is, he decided to kindly ask folks to make some fan art. There is even a contest for the best of the lot.

Making art of poor space explorers being menaced and most likely eaten, smashed, and/or disembowled - yeah, count me in.

Thus, my entry was made and sent in and lo, it came to pass that my piece had made the top five entries. Huzzah!

Granted there are four other very very nice entries to contend with. They are all glorious in their Redshirt mayhem. Voting is open until noon ET, May 29th. I'm not saying you should vote for me... well actually, I am. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!  However, I won't be put out if you like the others better. They are all fabulous.


Lunar Strigiformes

Lunar Strigiformes

Space pilots hated visiting the third moon of Altarius Major. Due to the large population of lunar strigiformes, one or two of the blasted creatures always got sucked into the engines, mucking up the propulsion systems no matter how careful pilots were at landing and takeoff.


Done for the Doodle Swap Project #6.

3.5 in x 2.5 in

Tea/coffee stain background, watercolor, and pen.