Hobo Hutch and the Power of a Tweet

Hobo Hutch

For author, fellow podcaster and friend, J.C. Hutchins. Why? Because he's awesome, plus not anyone can pull off the double kitten hat stack.

OK. So, there's a bit more of a story to this piece than that.

Once upon a time... Seriously though, I think it was something like January when J.C. made a comment on Twitter that he felt/looked like a hobo. As I'm not one to let such a fun image slip quietly into the night, I mentioned I'd be interested in bringing the aforementioned image to life. Following a brief exchange of DMs (or direct messages for you non-Twitter folk), the idea was agreed upon with gusto.

Fast forward a few months... er... half a year later. While I had been poking at the image off and on during the interim, I had a vague notion that it had been a while since I had last touched the piece, but I didn't realize how ridiculously long it had been. I made it a point to finish. Needless to say, looking back at the start date, I'm a bit embarrassed. I'm a slow worker, but definitely not THAT slow. It was mostly due to procrastination on my part. At any rate, it's done and I love how it turned out. It still makes me giggle when I look at it, and in my books, that's a job well done.

And that is why Twitter rocks, because without it, this probably would have never happened. The end. :)


Technical Details Medium: Pencil (2B, HB) Paper: Bristol Physical Size: 8.5in X 11in