Lunar Strigiformes

Lunar Strigiformes

Space pilots hated visiting the third moon of Altarius Major. Due to the large population of lunar strigiformes, one or two of the blasted creatures always got sucked into the engines, mucking up the propulsion systems no matter how careful pilots were at landing and takeoff.


Done for the Doodle Swap Project #6.

3.5 in x 2.5 in

Tea/coffee stain background, watercolor, and pen.

Photo: Rainier


I had nearly forgotten about this photo I took back in February. That's Mount Rainier in the background with Safeco Field in the middle and the port of Seattle in the foreground.

Andy and I went up to Seattle to meet up with some east coast friends at the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival. All in all it was an excellent event. I highly recommend attending for anyone in the area.

Technical Details Aperture Value: f/8 Focal Length: 300mm Exposure Program: Aperture Priority ISO: 200 Shutter Speed Value: 1/320 sec Location: Seattle, WA