Super Webcomic Update! (a.k.a. my inability to provide regular updates on these)

So.... it's been *eyes calender* oh geez, a month since I did one of these. Y'all follow my comics on their own, right? RIGHT? Does anyone find value in these updates or should I just let the comics do their own thing without this aggregation?

At any rate, here are the last month worth of comics. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

s02e16 Over at Cthulhu Slippers, incompetence is put to the ultimate test.
CS_2-17 Nyar tries again at being covert.
CS_2-18 Something about never looking a gift squid in the mouth.
CS_2-19 Do you really need to print thatReally?
thehelp Over at Over-Encumbered we learn about housecleaning.
cleaning In which Yukon gets a little too frisky with the help.
welldone The great fire orb claims another victim.
fishybusiness In which there is some trouble with the neighbor's summoning.
diresituation Rodent control can be a tricky business.


30 Characters Challenge: Day 1 - Tilly Mooncog

Previous Novembers I have been known to partake in the great month long noveling known as NaNoWriMo. Not this year. This year I've decided to try something new, namely the 30 Characters challenge. The task is to create a new character each day in November. So... here's my first character. Her name is Tilly Mooncog and she has a little junkbot critter to lend a hand.

Tilly’s not the wealthiest of folks, but then again, nobody on the far side of Trigger IV had much fortune smile upon them. At least she knows how to make a good junkbot. Around these parts that skill will get a girl some respect – not much, mind you, but some.