Photo: Swarming


These handsome fellows are convict tangs (a.k.a. surgeonfish or manini). This large school was swarming the reef in order to graze on patches of algae. The schooling helps them get to the food which is normally guarded by other reef inhabitants. Since the other reef fish find it quite the task to chase away so many invaders at once, it's a feeding WIN for the tangs.

Technical Details Aperture Value: f/3.5 Focal Length: 7mm Exposure Program: Auto ISO: 64 Shutter Speed Value: 1/250 sec Location: Manauma Bay, Hawaii

Travel Sketches: Humpback and Whitetip

humpback whitetip

These are my favorite memories from this trip.

Hearing the humpback whales singing underwater on nearly every dive was wonderful. At some spots they could even be heard while snorkeling. Also, I had the opportunity to see whitetip sharks snoozing under ledges during the day.

Amazing stuff all around.

Wee Bitty Octopus Sketch

Wee Bitty Octo

Wee bitty octopus does not appreciate you sneaking up behind him.


Just a small sketch from my sketch book. It's one of those sketches that started out without anything particular in mind. I began with the eyes and the little beasty just evolved from there.