Photo: Quick Breath

Quick Breath

Early evening, a group of six or so green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) were grazing on the algae covered rocks in a small cove next to the place we were staying. The surf was a little rough, but that didn't discourage them from getting right up next to the most shallow rock outcrops. Apparently, having armor pays off since the best clumps of algae grow on the lava rocks near the surface, where there's the most light. At one point this particular turtle was pushed on top of the rocks by the waves, but it recovered easily enough and kept grazing in the same spot. It was interesting and fun behavior to watch.

Technical Details Aperture Value: f/5.6 Focal Length: 300mm Exposure Program: Aperture Priority ISO: 400 Shutter Speed Value: 1/1000 sec Location: Maui, Hawaii

Awesomeness: One Stone Eye

I follow a few photo blogs as I find they give me inspiration and motivate me to get better at my own photography (in addition to just being nice to look at).

Between #6 by Stephen Blackstone Between #6 © Stephen Blackstone

Stephen Blackstone's photo blog One Stone Eye is probably my favorite photo blog. What got me hooked on his images was his attention to detail and the wee bitty toads that frequent many of his photos. The use of old, antique, subjects is accentuated by the desaturation of colors and brown, sepia tones.  Every piece is like a little painting of an older time. He also seems to have a small menagerie of critters and natural objects that often get mixed in with the antiques. An excellent combination in my opinion.

Between #5 by Stephen Blackstone Between #5 © Stephen Blackstone

In addition, I love the creative composition he uses in his pieces. All in all a wonderful photographer. He has many more photos like these on his site. The main page is the current photo, but you can browse all his older photos by going to the browse page on the site.

The Golden Key by Stephen Blackstone The Golden Key © Stephen Blackstone

 Grid by Stephen Blackstone Grid © Stephen Blackstone