2011 Photography Calendar

That's right, I finally got around to putting together a little calendar showcasing some of my favorite photos taken last year. Why only photos from last year? I had a hard enough time selecting so few of my favorites from just the past twelve months, the idea of choosing from my entire library threatened to cause my brain to seize up in indecision. Plus, I felt my photography had evolved to the point, over the past year, to be print worthy.

Therefore, without further ado, I present you with "Points of Interest 2011" available now at Lulu.com.


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Photo: Northern Pygmy Owl

Northern Pygmy Owl Last weekend we met up with some friends at their cabin in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  It was a nice day out, so we had brought our bikes up to the mountain with us. Riding around the back roads, we found a trail that led up to a large rock formation. At the base of the rock, I spotted a little bird making some noise and sitting in one of the lower pine tree branches. Giving the little guy a second look I realized it was an owl. I pointed it out to everyone and we watched the owl as it looked back at us. As I attached my zoom lens, it hopped over to another branch, slightly further away. Everyone continued on the trail, while I hung behind to try to get a few shots before the owl flew off. As I crept a bit closer, the owl suddenly got very interested in something on the ground. Just after I took this shot, it zoomed down just ten feet away from me, catching a mouse nearly the same size as itself. I didn't have a good angle on it to get any good shots of the owl as it struggled to get the mouse airborne. However, I did get one fuzzy shot of a big orange eye staring at me though the underbrush. I also managed to get a few fuzzy shots after it managed to fly off with its huge dinner.

Nature in action!


Technical Details Aperture Value: f/5.6 Focal Length: 300mm Exposure Program: Aperture Priority ISO: 400 Shutter Speed Value: 1/200 sec Location: Zigzag, Oregon