Monster Hunter World Fan Art

Here are all the Monster Hunter World fan art pieces I did for this year's month of monsters.

I've really like this game--in case you couldn't tell--but I wish there was a dynamic for training up any monsters you capture. Maybe there is and I haven't found it it yet? A lady can dream, right? I really like how the game designers have made a full ecosystem with all the critters and that there are big ol' pile of scientist studying the endemic life of the island. My favorite part is just being able to wander around exploring and collecting stuff for the scientists, oh, and dressing up my palico buddy in ridiculous armor. And yes, my outfit includes a skull helmet, as if there was any doubt. #TeamSkullHat4EVA


Currently I'm only one or two quests into the coral forest area (soooo pretty). I'd like to do a few more of these pieces, especially the cute bubble bat monster which would be my number one pick for an adorable monster pal.


Anyone else enjoying the game? I'm always looking for an excuse to geek out over monsters.

Operation Month of Monsters Complete

I'm happy to report that this year's Month of Monsters challenge was a resounding success. Not only did I finish the self-imposed challenge, but a few other folks participated as well. I'm hoping next year will be bigger and better. :) My favorites of everyone who participated are these - but really, they are all fantastic:


That's Monstrous

Why, Hello There

Don't Ask

On Being Prepared

The Whatsit

Skalgreth, Devourer of Life

Grollint of the Basin

The Nothing Under The Bed

My submission favorites are the following. All my monsters can be seen here.


I'm planning on coloring all of these at some point. When I do, I'll put them up in my Etsy store. If there is anything anyone wants, now is the time to make requests for specific pieces. I'll also color them by request.

Month of Monsters: Barry the Beardless and Calaca Cecilia

Barry the beardless envied the fellows with their luxurious manes, and preened moustaches.  Sometimes, late at night when he was home alone and had the curtains pulled tight, he would don a beard he had made out of his cats' fur and prance about stroking his fake follicles, dreaming of magnificent hairy chin hedges bursting forth from his slimy façade.

Oh, if only he could grow a beard.

Thanks to Bob for the name seed!

Original art for sale.


Al vivo todo le falta, y al muerto todo le sobra.

Original art for sale.

Month of Monsters: Famished Freddie

"Whacha looking at? Can't a bloke eat his rat in peace without getting all oggled at? Bugger off  yer old prune."

"Oh my! Why, I never!" Edna pulled her scarf tighter around her head as she continued hobbling down the pavement.

The neighbourhood was really in a rough state these days, Edna thought to herself. Maybe she really should look into joining one of those nice mature communities that her kids kept badgering her about. She made a mental note to look over the pamphlet again once she got home.

Original art for sale.


Month of Monsters: Pinchy Penny

Martha looked at the two cans of coconut milk in her hands.

"You know you can't afford the organic one," said a small voice next to her left ear. "Plus, I mean, come on! Who's heard of coconuts that aren't organic? The ruddy things virtually spew out of palm trees. No pesticides or fertilizer required. It's a giant coconut scam is what that is. Trust me, you'll be fine with the regular one."

Martha nodded. Penny had a point.

She placed the regular coconut milk in her basket.


Original art for sale.


Month of Monsters: Nora the Nepenthesaurus

The prize, and favorite, specimen in Professor Luftuttle's menagerie, was the rare and beautiful Nepenthesaurus. She seemed to think very highly of the professor as well. Of course, it probably helped that he always had some succulent Theraphosa blondi's with him every time he visited his beloved pet. She did love her spiders.

Original art for sale. SOLD