Get Along Little Froggie

Frogs make excellent steeds. Really. It's true.

This image makes me happy. I must revisit this one in a more spectacular format, methinks. The small page in my notebook where I sketched out this guy was not nearly large enough to present him in his full glory.

My earliest memory of playing Frogger was when I was about eight or nine. We were visiting my aunt in Michigan for the summer. It was one of those typical hot and sticky Michigan days that would have been perfect for spending swimming in one of the nearby lakes. Alas, for some reason or another, I was stuck at the house. At some point my aunt let me know there were a bunch of my cousin's old childhood toys down in the basement. After a bit of digging in the musty boxes I found a handheld video game.


It was Frogger.

Double score!

I was familiar with the game at the time, although, now I can't remember when or where I had originally been introduced to the bouncing frog wonder. At any rate, I was terrible at the game and gave up on it fairly quickly, but it was fun while it lasted.

How about you? What classic game do you associate with your childhood and when did you first discover said game?