Belated MerMay Art

Hello! I did end up doing some MerMay pieces this year, I just forgot to mention it here. This year I did fishy mashups of birds. Specifically, pigeon + fantail goldfish, crow + cabezon, quail + anglerfish, seagull + reef shark, and owl + moray eel.

Mermay Fruit & Veggies in Shop

I have added some of my Mermay 2018 fruit and veggie illustrations to my shop. Swing by and take a look. IMO the peahorse turned out extra adorable tiled. :3

Here’s a sample of the images available. If there is a specific image you’d like, but not available at the shop, please let me know.

MerMay Sketch Roundup

Here are all the sketches I did for this year's #MerMay challenge.