Month of Monsters: Edgar the Indulgent

"Edgar! Not again," cried Farmer Tuck. "Those tulips just came up. Why did you pick them all? Not only that, but why did you then put them all in a giant tulip pile and roll around in them? Why?!"

"Edgar like flowers," stated Edgar, as if that was all the explanation that was needed.

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Gecko Attention

Gecko Attention

Gold Dust Day Gecko (Phelsuma laticauda laticauda)

These charismatic guys are another one of Hawaii's many non native species. Each morning, all the geckos in the area would stretch out on the landscape plants. I really enjoyed going out and stalking them. They seemed to tolerate my presence well enough too. Although, I did get a few dirty looks as I pushed the boundaries of their personal space to its limits, causing them to scurry off.

Technical Details Aperture Value: f/8 Focal Length: 105mm ISO: 400 Shutter Speed Value: 1/40 sec. Location: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii