Sparks McGee American Black Ale

sparksmcgeebeer I just realized I had been remiss in posting about this label and homebrew I made. Thankfully, I was reminded that more Sparks McGee is always a good thing. Also, my inspiration for the label came from here (thanks Wil!).

I created this recipe over the winter as a pure mad science experiment in brewing. I was curious to see what an oaked IPA - a dark IPA, or what is now known as the American-Style Black Ale - would be like. The short answer, AMAZESAUCE.

I was aiming for something that had that nice citrus hop profile but with the fantastic vanilla overtones you get from oaking. I think I hit the mark pretty well. However, next time I think I'm going to use oak cubes instead of chips to maximize the vanilla without as much woodiness. We put this brew directly into keg (our first kegged brew, actually) and I was surprised by how well it aged. Normally the hoppy brews don't age so well.

For those interested, the current recipe is over at BrewToad.

This has quickly become one of our favorite recipies and we have plans to brew it again in the very near future.