Bearmageddon Guest Strip

Hey everyone! Today my guest comic is featured over at the Bearmageddon site. Check it out - it features questionable food items and a spider-bear.

What is Bearmageddon? Well, I'm glad you asked. It is a fantastic comic about the Armageddon, but with BEARS. Every size and shape and unnatural configuration of bear. It's written and drawn by Ethan Nicolle (you may be familiar with his other comic, Axe Cop), and colored by Noah Maas. The story is great, and the illustrations are wonderful and funny and delightfully gory (the bears aren't exactly tame, you know).

Right now they are taking a little break and filling in the space with guest comics, but the story will resume in its full toothy glory in May. Here's the first page of the story to start you off.

Edmund Finney Guest Comic

eqcomics_guest_nmetzgerIf I may direct your attention to the little teaser thumbnail to your left. That's a bit of the guest comic I did for Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life. If you haven't stumbled upon this delightful comic already, I highly suggest you do so right away. Go on. I'll wait.

All done? Excellent! Thanks for coming back.

It's pretty awesome right? Poor Edmund has some of the most unique, ridiculous, and hilarious travels of any explorer I know. Now you can see why I couldn't pass up the chance to play in that universe when creator Dan Long made the call for guest comics. While my comic didn't make it into the official guest comic slots while he took a break from the site for a month, he did honor me with an honorable mention in today's blog. Huzzah! Check it out.

Thanks Dan! It was a fun ride. :)