Awesomeness: Galactic Center


See that really bright spot at the top middle? That's our galactic center. Pretty awesome, eh? Despite the mind blowing vastness of space, there is a lot of space stuff (mostly dust) between us and the center of our galaxy. If all that stuff wasn't there, the center would be incredibly bright. You know what's also pretty awesome? This photo was my husband's first attempt at taking a star field photo. Impressive, I know, right? I was too busy enjoying the scenery to muck up my night vision on the attempt myself. I am glad that he decided to go for it and attempt these shots. Excellent work, Andy. :)

Technical Details Aperture Value: f/3.5 Focal Length: 18mm ISO: 400 Shutter Speed Value: 61 sec. Location: Mauna Kea, Hawaii - Sept. 8, 2010