Illustration: War

Buy This Print! I can't believe I've forgotten to post these until now. Oops? Well, better late than never, right?

Anyway... I did these images for Mur Lafferty's last installment of her Heaven heaven5warseries, War. For those not familiar with this story, I direct your attention to a previous post where I detail the awesomeness of the previous parts of the story. War is just as fabulous as the rest and gives excellent closure to the story. Really, go check it out (psst! it's free!).

All caught up? Good.

The first image is Morrigan, a death/moon goddess. The second image is Barris, the sun god. The last image is of the floating city of Meridian.

Prints of these images are available for purchase and a portion of the proceeds go to Mur for her wonderful imagery. You know, they would make fine holiday gifts. :)

To purchase, please clicky the linkies: Morrigan Barris Meridian

Buy This Print!