Monster Hunter World Fan Art

Here are all the Monster Hunter World fan art pieces I did for this year's month of monsters.

I've really like this game--in case you couldn't tell--but I wish there was a dynamic for training up any monsters you capture. Maybe there is and I haven't found it it yet? A lady can dream, right? I really like how the game designers have made a full ecosystem with all the critters and that there are big ol' pile of scientist studying the endemic life of the island. My favorite part is just being able to wander around exploring and collecting stuff for the scientists, oh, and dressing up my palico buddy in ridiculous armor. And yes, my outfit includes a skull helmet, as if there was any doubt. #TeamSkullHat4EVA


Currently I'm only one or two quests into the coral forest area (soooo pretty). I'd like to do a few more of these pieces, especially the cute bubble bat monster which would be my number one pick for an adorable monster pal.


Anyone else enjoying the game? I'm always looking for an excuse to geek out over monsters.


Because what's better than warm bread? <insert sliced warm bread joke here> Due to popular demand I made this image available as a print and a t-shirt along with other goodies.

T-Shirts and goodies are available on my Spreadshirt page. If there's a specific style/color/design you'd like, let me know.

The prints are available at my DeviantArt shop. Many sizes/papers/prices are available from the drop down.

Additionally, if anyone would prefer a custom signed print (8"x10"), email me for details.


Year of the Churro!

If you were wondering what happens when I let one of John Scalzi's tweets ferment in my head for far too long, this happens. Plus, you know, I'm just doing my part to fulfill the MOAR CHURROS thing. Thanks, John, for all the silliness. I, for one, am eager to hear of your next churro adventure. Also, the sugar coated steed does not have a name yet. I think I will leave that task up to you, dear internet. I suspect you shall not disappoint.


(P.S. WOOOO! ANOTHER SNOW DAY IN PORTLAND! Stay home Portlanders, you don't know how to do snow.)

UPDATE: Thanks so much to John for honoring me with this charming post about my image. You're making me blush all sorts of colors over here. Also, welcome to all the Whatever readers who have found themselves on my humble little site. Also, also, a challenge has been issued to out best me at Scalzi themed fan art. I'm sure there's someone out there up for this. I encourage any and all attempts (and successes). This is an exercise in silliness and creating awesome things, after all. :)



Clever Girl Fan Art

RAR! :) velociraptors-sm

If you are unfamiliar with the musical wanderings of The Doubleclicks, I highly recommend you check them out and then buy all their things. The wee velociraptor's words are from their song Clever Girl.

Also speaking of feathered dinosaurs, here are a few fun facts I discovered while researching our fluffy little raptor friend:

  • There is strong evidence that velociraptors had large feathers on their forearms.
  • Tyrannasaurs were probably fuzzy - at least, Yutyrannus huali was (that's assuming Yutyrannus huali is indeed a member of the tyrannasaur family once all the scientific challenges have been settled).
  • The color of some dino feathers are known (sort of - there's still research into the fossilization process of Melanosomes - the color indicating bits - and how much they deform).
  • More suspected colors - meet Sinosauropteryx.
  • Microraptors!




Because the darn thing needed to get out of my head and this was the first chance I've had to do so since @scalzi put it there in the first place. SNAILQUAKE

Thankfully, by its very nature, I did not spend much time on this - just as the almighty Thor intended.

You can see the rest of the silliness here.