Doodle Swap #17 Roundup

Another Doodle Swap has come and gone. For those that might not know about this, it's a artist trading card swap. Once the signups are closed for the current session, addresses are sent out to the participants, you create something on a 3.5"x2.5" cards (usually around ten or less) and send them out to folks. A few days later, you start receiving little pieces of art from everyone you sent a card to. It's fun. You don't need to have any artistic skills to participate, just the ability to fill a card with something interesting. Sometimes there's a theme, sometimes not. And that's about it. I highly recommend. So far this is the eleventh time I've participated. This round, there was no theme. However, I like making up a theme anyway. I call this group Kitten Villains. I may have to revisit these cats at some point.

ds17-voldemort ds17-witchking ds17-glados ds17-harley ds17-maleficent ds17-modok ds17-monarch ds17-ursula ds17-vader

Feeding Time

Feeding Time

Molly McGee was glad she was finally old enough to go to the old dock every day, exactly at noon, to feed the great old one that lived in the dark murky waters of the loch. No more giving the slop to the shoggoths. That job was now her younger brother's. Yessiree, she was growing up. Maybe next year her parents would let her join the cult. She knew she would still be too young, but a girl could dream.


Done for the Doodle Swap Project #7 - Theme: Dreams/Nightmares

3.5 in x 2.5 in

Pen on Bristol.