Theme A Week #6 - Robots

This past week's theme was robots. More specifically, I added or changed a couple letters in the word "robot" to describe the robot--robebot, rowbot, robite, robeet, ribot, robutt, and roboot. 

Next weekly theme is Star Pug Wars as a tribute to this amazing Star Wars Pug Parade that happened this past Sunday. :3

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Theme A Week #3 - Fruit Salad

Surprise! I forgot to post these last week! Oh well, here they are now. 


This, or rather last week's theme was "Fruit Salad". I didn't know where I was going at the start, but it seemed to turn out okay in the end. At last for raspberry. It's a fruit eat fruit world out there, y'all.

You know when you get a pint of fresh raspberries at the store and you're all "I love raspberries! They are sweet and delicious!", and then you taste one, and it's full of sour flavorless sadness? Yeah, that. Of course, homegrown raspberries are the best, but then you have to watch out for fruit fly larvae. I suppose it's a small price to pay for delicious raspberries, but I'm not quite ready to consciously add fly larvae/fly eggs to my diet. Those raspberries go to the dog. He doesn't seem to mind.


This week's theme is dragons. You can follow my daily(ish) sketches on Twitter or Instagram.