Travel Sketches: Submerged Crater

Molokini Molokini is the remnants of a volcano between the islands of Maui and Kahoolawe. It has been turned into a marine preserve. The inside of the crater is a coral reef, while the peaks are home to many sea birds such as frigate and albatross.

The dive charter we took parked at the dive site known as E'ne Nu'e, so called because of the type of fish that typically hang out in numbers here. The visibility here was insane. We guess it was something like 120 ft or more. All in all an awesome dive even though we didn't see any of the reef's larger inhabitants (sharks, rays). I did see a little day octopus, so all was well. :)

Technical Details Medium: Watercolor pencils (Derwent), oriental blue, madder carmine, and naples yellow Paper: Moleskine notebook Physical Size: 8.25in X 5.25in (per page)