Awesomeness: Nina Kimberly the Merciless

nina-cover-art300She's got a sword, a dragon as a friend, and she's pissed. If you like all your body parts the way they are, you better stay out of her way.

Nina Kimberly is having a bad day.

Why is she having a bad day? Well, for starters, her father, the ex-fearsome barbarian conqueror Marcus the Merciless (there was an incident with a gopher hole, don't ask) has decided to settle down in the cozy kingdom of Langia. Doesn't sound too bad, you say? What if the young idiotic king of Langia, Francis IX, somehow got the notion that Nina and him are the perfect royal match when all she really wants to do is chop his head off and stuff it where the sun don't shine? Except she can't. That would start a succession war, which, despite Nina's barbarian upbringing, would just be unacceptable.

So, what's Nina to do? No, not marry the icky king. What's wrong with you? Go on a quest of course! Unfortunately, the dorky Francis has decided that she cannot live without him so has deemed it necessary to tag along. To make matters worse, Francis has a spell slapped on him to alert the kingdom if something unpleasant were to happen to him.

Now Nina has to keep his idiotic butt safe as well. She's thrilled.

This witty tale by Christiana Ellis is now available on Amazon. It is also available as a freshly remastered podcast in addition to a free PDF version. Check out the Nina Kimberly the Merciless website to get updates and find out more about this extremely entertaining story. Go on, go get it already. I assure you, you won't be disappointed.

Sketchbook: Beware (and Owl)

moleskin001 (Small)click image to enlarge

Yay! A new sketchbook!

I decided to splurge and get myself a nice moleskine watercolor book. So far I don't regret this decision. The owl on the left was done in pencil and the critters on the right were done in pen and gouache watercolor. I'm finding that I really like gouache.

This gets me wondering... what things are new for you as the holiday season approaches? Are you trying out anything new - experimenting with anything? Anyone creating greeting cards or homemade gifts this year? I'm curious to see what others are up to. Feel free to discuss your recent or planned creations in the comments. Shameless self promotion is encouraged. :)