Belated MerMay Art

Hello! I did end up doing some MerMay pieces this year, I just forgot to mention it here. This year I did fishy mashups of birds. Specifically, pigeon + fantail goldfish, crow + cabezon, quail + anglerfish, seagull + reef shark, and owl + moray eel.

Tablet Testing: Weird Birds

Recently I was fortunate enough to upgrade my Wacom tablet. This is one of the experiments I've done to become comfortable with drawing and sketching digitally. The blue lined image is the initial rough sketch. I then went over the sketch with black lines, firming the image up and fixing things in the process. I really like these guys, especially the middle one. His expression turned out quite amusing. Plus, tentacles as tail feathers, I mean, how awesome is that? :) I'm thinking I will eventually add color to this piece. Weird Birds SketchWeird Birds Ink

Originally I had an idea of doing a cute little image of several birds sitting on top of a street light as I see that image nearly every morning on my way to work. That idea came to me several years ago. Apparently something happened to the birds in my head during that time. Improved with age? Perhaps. There was definitely some fermentation going on, that's for sure.