Improper Use of Slugs - Diapers

Slug Diapers

The anti-absorbent qualities of slugs makes them poor subjects for diaper usage. However, their natural slime coating may aid in prevention of diaper rash and act as a masking agent for diaper soiling. Additional research is currently being conducted.



In addition to the improper slug usage of my own device, if anyone has any suggestions for improper slug usage, leave a comment or email me with your suggestions. Granted there is no guarantee that I will pick your suggestion (i.e. it may already be on my master list or it doesn't register high enough on my awesome meter - personal taste and all). However, that being said, if I do pick your idea to include in this project, you will receive a free print of the image. NOTE: If you leave your suggestion in the comments, please make sure to include a valid email address so I may contact you if your idea is selected.


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