Awesomeness: Axe Cop

Why oh why haven't I mentioned Axe Cop yet? *sigh* Blog fail. Anyway, I am hear to correct this gross oversight tout de suite. If you are one of the three people who haven't discovered the magnificence of Axe Cop yet, you really must go and check it out right now. Now I say. Go!

Basically it's about a cop with an axe that was created by Malachai Nicolle (five years old at the time, currently seven as of Monday, Happy Birthday!) and drawn by his older brother Ethan Nicolle. Yes, the comic is written by Malachai. You can just imagine the crazy stuff that he comes up with. On second thought, no you can't. It has to be experienced first hand. You know why? Because it's PURE KID MADNESS. And PURE AWESOME. And just when you couldn't think the Axe Cop PURE KID AWESOME MADNESS couldn't get any better, it does. It does because Ethan's artwork is fantastic and captures the crazy Axe Cop universe perfectly.

Unibaby, a pet Tyrannosaurus rex with machine gun arms (and can breath fire and can turn into a dragon when he wants to and lives on a diet of bad guys), excessive head chopping, talking dogs with super powers, giant robots, evil aliens, more secret powers, ninja moon werewolf and vampire; these are but a small selection of what makes Axe Cop so great.

Check it out. And! The first graphic novel volume is out too if you prefer dead tree format (the trees were humanly killed by having their tree heads chopped off).

Also, they were at Emerald City Comic Con this past weekend, and I have to say, of all the creators at the con, hands down, Malachai and Ethan had the best time out of everyone. The crowd around the Axe Cop table was dense, but the huge grins on those two as they talked with their fans was unmisktakable.

Recently Paul of Storm of Paul and Storm interviewed Ethan about the comic. So also be sure to check that out to get a fun behind the scenes interview.