Some Thoughts on Pokémon Go

I removed the app after only a few days of use. 

Here's the thing, I do love Pokémon. In fact, I have many fond memories of playing the original red and blue back in college. It's one of the good old standbys of my current 3DS.  However--and this is a big however--the game is an insidious leech on my psyche. Granted, the instability of the Pokémon Go influenced my choice, but ultimately it came down to the following: one, I noticed while playing how absolutely oblivious I was to everything around me; two, I was obsessively checking it and logging back in every time it crashed; and three, it gave me that twitchy yucky feeling one gets with addictive games. In keeping with the LotR analogy, that ring needed to be tossed into its birth lava ASAP.


Since removing the game, some sketchy things have come to light. The fact that the app, by default, has full access to your Google account and the unsurprising EULA fine print that removes users rights unless they opt-out, is a bit unsettling, to say the least. Although, there are workarounds (as detailed in those articles) to protect your rights and account information if you must have your pokéfix.


So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about my decision. That being said, I'm not suggesting everyone should stop playing, just, you know, have fun and be careful.