30 Characters Challenge: Days 23-30

As of last night, I completed my first time participating in the 30 Character Challenge. When I started, I wanted the use the project as a push to work on my humanoid drawing skills. Well, it was a good thought, but as you can see from this last set, I drifted back to the land of monsters. At any rate, I still think I accomplished what I set out to do even with this lapse in focus. I feel like my skills have improved over the month, and I am more confident in sketching out human forms without references. Also, completely unexpected, I learned how to use the pen tool and as a result, I have taken my first steps into the land of vector illustration. So, all in all, I think it was a good challenge and one that I would be happy to repeat next year and recommend to others looking to push themselves creatively. You can see my full set of characters at the 30 Characters Challenge website.

And thus, with a dapper octopus, the challenge is complete!

30 Characters Challange: Day 3 - Tiffany Bonegrinder

Tiffany came from a long line of Bonegrinders. As they said, no one could grind up bones quite like a Bonegrinder. Her parents had hoped that she would follow the family’s proud tradition of bone grinding. Tiffany, however, had other plans for her future.

She wanted to be a hatter when she grew up. In fact, she had made several beautiful hats so far and she still had oh so many wonderful ideas.

Her parents hoped it was just a phase.