A photo from last night's lunar eclipse. I forgot it was happening until Twitter reminded me. We had to go hunting for it since there was no view from our house due to a hill + trees. By the time we found a good spot, it was well into the unveiling.

This was a composite of two images. I took a bunch of different exposures to capture all the details without half being overexposed or underexposed. I wasn't able to get the shadow as detailed as I would have liked due to the silly earth rotating fast enough to blur everything over a couple seconds of exposure. Normally I use something like Photomatrix to combine the images, but it was having issues aligning, so I had to old school combine in Photoshop. In the end, I was pretty pleased with how well it turned out. Looks like I'll get to try again January 20th, 2019, at 9:12PM assuming I've living in the same place. :)

Let's pretend this photodump isn't over a year old (a.k.a. Rome 2013)

Last year a photography funk settled upon me, which was odd since I've been a fairly active photographer since I took my first SLR photography class back in 1995. Last year I hardly took any photos. I just sort of lost my desire to practice that particular hobby. All my interest in photography  wandered off to who knows where. At any rate, I finally got around to processing my photos from Rome back in October of 2013. So perhaps all hope is not lost for me to get back into things.

Happy Halloween!

This year I had grand plans ((GRAND, I tell you!)) to grow my own pumpkins. Let's just say that between my ongoing turf war with the forest slugs and not having very many full sun options in my yard, the results were less than amazing. In fact they were downright sad. With the exception of one big beautiful normal pumpkin ((which I'm postponing the slaughter for pie and/or brewing)), the rest were a sad small misshapen and scarred lot.

As they say, when your garden gives you pathetic pumpkins, keep calm and put the pathetic squash out of their misery. At least, I think that's how the saying goes. I might be mistaken.

I present, my sad collection of this year's jack-o-lanterns.