Come see me at Monster Drawing Rally TONIGHT!

Tonight is Monster Drawing Rally at the Portland Art Museum for its fifth year of local artists drawing. A hundred local artists will be creating art in one hour slots which will then be immediately available for purchase at $35 each. The proceeds will go towards the museum’s free school and youth programs.

I was on the waitlist for this as of yesterday, when a few slots opened up. Now I’m officially an artist participant! Woo! I’ll be drawing live during the second hour slot (7pm-8pm). The whole event begins at 5:30pm and runs until 9:30pm. I believe there will also be food and drinks available for purchase.


Come by, say hi, and pick up some fun art!

Also, here’s the Facebook event page.

Illustration by Mika Rane

Illustration by Mika Rane

Support Science! CosmoQuest Hangoutathon This Weekend

I’m participating as a guest on the CosmoQuest Hangoutathon this weekend.

4pm E / 3pm C / 1pm Saturday 12/22

The more we explore our solar system, the more places we find water and the potential (just maybe) for life. Let's give that possible life a face, and maybe also some wings or tentacles. Watch as artists Natalie Metzger & Nutty Nuchtchas give science personality.

As the description states, I’ll live drawing wacky extraterrestrial life. Come watch, join in the creature building, and help support science.

What is CosmoQuest? Here’s the full description of the project and event.

Do you think astronomy and space science need better funding? Here is your chance to do something to make that a reality. The CosmoQuest project was a NASA-funded citizen science facility. They make it possible for you to help professional researchers explore our solar system and find the safe places to land a space craft and scientifically interesting places to explore. They teach people everything they need to know to fill the research roles normally filled by students. Essentially - you can be the student who learns and does the science! 

A few months ago they were warned that James Webb Space Telescope cost over runs and policy changes might cause their funding to be cut... and those cuts happened. They are now seeking private donations and sponsorships to help them keep the science going. On December 22-23 they are going to live stream science and science-related content for 40 hours as they try and raise the funds they need to keep the lights and servers on. 

Tune in at, and please consider making a donation. CosmoQuest is part of the Planetary Science Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to solar system exploration. Your donations are tax-deductible where allowed by law. We think they are doing good work, and hope that together, we can keep on exploring our solar system and beyond. Learn more at donate at