Parsec Awards Auction

The Parsec Awards is an annual event recognizing the best podcast productions in speculative fiction. Podcasts are nominated by their fans. The finalists are selected by a  steering committee. These finalists are voted on by an independent group of judges. There are several categories ranging from best speculative fiction to best speculative fiction comedy/parody. Each year the awards ceremonies takes place at the largest multi-media, popular culture convention, Dragon*Con. Needless to say, it does take some funding for all this to happen. That is where the auction comes in. Each item in the auction was donated to help offset some of these operating costs. So, if you love listening to podcasts and would like to support the recognition of some of the best speculative fiction podcasts out there, please think about participating in this event. There's only about a day and a half left, so hurry up and make those bids!

Gorgalthumper Considers the Situation

This year I donated my Gorgalthumper stuffed animal. As of this writing, it has one bid. Plus! Free shipping! Really, you can't go wrong.

There are also a handful of other wonderful donations, such as this lovely print of the space shuttle launching (among others) by Laura Burns. There are no bids yet, but you'd better hurry up. Something like this probably won't last much longer. Not only will you be helping out the Parsec's, but you'll be getting some pretty nice items to boot!

Cultivating Facial Hair for the Benifit of Bosoms

The dreary month of November is nearly finished, and I am ashamed to admit that I have been remiss in promoting a certain month long fund-raising effort until now. That which I speak is the infamous Beards 4 Boobs. For those of you not familiar with this annual effort that takes place during the eleventh month, let me direct you to their official website. A group of fellows of the manly man persuasion, or at least the virility hedge growing persuasion, gather during this month in an effort to grow facial hair worth of the term "beard". (Ladies are more than welcome to participate too, but alas, there were no takers this year.) They do this in order to help raise awareness and donations for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (via the Ann Voegerl Memorial Breast Cancer Research Fund). I encourage anyone who enjoys boobs and the pursuit of saving them (and their caretakers) from an terrible fate, to head on over to the Beards 4 Boobs site and sponsor a beard before the end of the month.

b4b2010_bwBut wait! There's more! You see this poster (designed by moi)? Well, currently the folks at Beards 4 Boobs have a contest going on to name the beards on that very poster. (Rumor has it there will be a name those boobs contest too, so stay tuned.) There's even FABULOUS prizes so be sure to participate.

So, please, for the love of all the lovely bosoms out there, sponsor a beard or two, won't you?

The Tufted Cuddlestache


Extremely rare and elusive, the Tufted Cuddlestache is native to the dense temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest.  It was believed that they were hunted to extinction for their luxurious mustaches, which were used in the making of novelty stick-on mustaches and eyebrow replacements. However, while searching for Sasquatch in the remote backwoods of Washington state, field scientist, Dr. Crumpen Von Ludwig,  stumbled upon a small surviving population of the Tufted Cuddlestaches. Little was known about them as the last known living specimen died in 1910. He discovered that they were quite friendly and unafraid of man. Whether that was from isolation, or natural behavioral traits, studies so far have been inconclusive.  Since this great discovery, a  breeding program has been established by Washington State University in order to help restore wild population numbers and to gain valuable knowledge about the behavior and biology of these wonderful creatures. Currently, wild numbers are still very low (estimates are somewhere around 20 breeding pairs) and the Tufted Cuddlestache is listed as critical on the endangered species list.



If you want to make your own, I'm planning on putting together the pattern/plans for these guys, so it should show up on this site at some point. I have enough green fuzzy fabric for one more Cuddlestache. So, if anyone is interested, feel free to send me an email (see the contact page) and we can work something out.

Diode Bracelet

Diode Bracelet

A few weeks ago I was in the mood to make a bracelet. I raided our old electronics bins for some interesting parts I could hack into some beads. These diodes were just what I was looking for. I took a couple of needle nose pliers and some wire cutters and bent the ends into loops. Once I had all the diodes into bead form, I looked to see what beads I had that would work well with the diodes. Initially I was going to use some light blue glass beads I had, but I didn't have any wire other than the scrap from the diodes (which weren't long enough). Upon experimenting with these green ones, I found that the wire cuttings from the diodes were just the right length and the PCB1 green color actually worked really nice with the black and silver components. Once assembled, the bracelet was a bit short so I used some silver loops as a makeshift chain. I'm hoping once I wear this a bit the silver on the diode wire rubs off to revel the copper underneath. --- 1 That's "printed circuit board" not "Pakistan Cricket Board" which I'm sure was your first guess ;)