Operation Month of Monsters Complete

I'm happy to report that this year's Month of Monsters challenge was a resounding success. Not only did I finish the self-imposed challenge, but a few other folks participated as well. I'm hoping next year will be bigger and better. :) My favorites of everyone who participated are these - but really, they are all fantastic:


That's Monstrous

Why, Hello There

Don't Ask

On Being Prepared

The Whatsit

Skalgreth, Devourer of Life

Grollint of the Basin

The Nothing Under The Bed

My submission favorites are the following. All my monsters can be seen here.


I'm planning on coloring all of these at some point. When I do, I'll put them up in my Etsy store. If there is anything anyone wants, now is the time to make requests for specific pieces. I'll also color them by request.