Rose City Comic Con Banner and Table Setup

This is my banner from the convention this weekend. :) 

Since this was my first table at a con, I was pretty clueless. I thought I would talk a little about my experience setting up my first table in case this might help someone else trying to figure out their first table. 


I first thought I would maybe use the Fuzzy Slug logo for the banner, but it really doesn't work well in a vertical format (note: if you are making a logo, it's useful to have one that works in both a vertical and horizontal format).


I also played with the idea of making a new image. I even went so far as sketching out a few ideas. Nothing was exciting me. I already knew I wanted to use my image of the Pallas's cat, but I wanted to convince myself there wasn't something better. Thankfully, I love illustrating in portrait, and the Pallas's cat was the correct orientation. By extending the background to fill the space, adding a few more rocks, and inserting the top text, I was really close. However, the bottom still seemed sparse. I knew the banner was going to be behind my table, but I still felt the bottom of the image needed something else. This is when I turned to my artist friends, Brian and Perry, for some advice. They were both super helpful and gave me some really great tips and ideas (THANKS GUYS!). 


If you are just starting out, having some peers in the same creative field to bounce ideas off of (and vice versa) is amazing. Both for getting honest advice and feedback, and giving advice and feedback. You will learn a lot from giving. Don't forget to give back when you can. 


After receiving some feedback, I added the bottom text, the kitten, and the pika to balance everything else. I ran the final image by my husband to make sure I wasn't missing anything because he has a great eye.


For the table setup, I looked around online for images of other artist's setups. I decided to go with a simple wire storage cubes for art display and some binder clips for hanging the art prints. I also grabbed a few wire display stands for my pricing and sketch commission frames.


And here is my table final setup: