Cyborg Monday! er... I mean, Cyber Monday!

UPDATE (12/4/15): Society6 has an artist promo going on right now until Midnight (Pacific Time), Dec. 5th.

20% off everything and free shipping! Here's the updated link: FUZZYSLUG SHOP!

Cyborg Monday could be fun. Everyone would have ocular implants and retractable claw hands for a day. That would be pretty neat right? Not that other Cyborg Monday, though. You know, the one where the cyborgs descend from their cyborg dimension and harvest the human race for spare parts? Definitely the first one and not the second one.

Anyway, Happy Cyber Monday (not Cyborg Monday) to everyone! Society 6 has everything 20% off and free shipping until Midnight (Pacific Time) tonight, Nov. 30. Woo!

You can check out all my stuff over yonder ---> FUZZYSLUG SHOP!

If you miss Monday's deal, there are a couple more Tues. and Wed.

Tuesday, December 1: 24 HR only
  •  $6 off Apparel + Free Worldwide Shipping

Wednesday, December 2: 24 HR only
  •  20% Off Home Decor + Free Worldwide Shipping