Cthulhu Slippers: A Truly Crazy Cruise

CS_2-kingcthulhu I'm happy to report that Cthulhu did not consume the JoCo Cruise Crazy 4 boat, only an abundance of fruity drinks. This is a postcard we created for the cruise. All 250 were quickly taken except the handful that someone made into a companion cube. So, all in all, a huge success. You can see the full comic over at Cthulhu Slippers.

The cruise this year was pretty amazing, although we all needed a nap by the end. The entertainment was top notch and quite fantastic.There was much lounging in the sun and in beautiful tropical water. Games were played. Giant LEGO structures were built. An imaginary ball pit wandered around the ship. WARM BREAD was eaten. Many ukuleles were strummed to a tune about flying lady bits. New friends were made and old friendships were nourished. Everyone, for the most part, was wonderful and supportive and full of kindness.

This is the third time we went on a JCCC cruise and, I have to say, they just keep on getting better. My only compliant was that we were utterly exhausted by the end of the six days because of all the awesome. So, really, not bad at all.

I highly recommend this trip. Next year is going to be eight fun filled days. The countdown is already starting. :)

Also, I have a few of these postcards left (I kept a couple as keepsakes). If you want one, leave a comment (be sure to include your email so I can contact you for addresses). First come, first served.