Thursday's Children

Back in November, I was approached by friend and author Curtis Chen to produce the art for his upcoming book, Thursday's Children. A couple weeks ago he announced the cover on his website, so... tada! 512-6x9_Front_Cover_blogHe also is going through the book building process on his 512 Words or Fewer blog including some of the steps involved in designing the cover. You really should go check it out. I'll wait.

Back? Cool.

I really loved working on this cover piece (and the interior spot illustrations, tease tease). Even the revisions were enjoyable because the resulting image turned out so much stronger.

Curtis is the master of setting a scene and this book is the culmination of his five year 512 Words or Fewer flash-fiction project. All the best of his snack-sized stories were put into this collection (mmm... snack-sized fiction). I highly recommend checking it out. The official release date is Friday, January 31st, so get those reminders set. Here's a handy link to the official book page.