Nearly Daily Sketchdump

In an effort to tighten up my skills, I'm going to post daily sketches to my Tumblr site, affectionately named Davy Jones' Academy of Moderate Dampness for no apparent reason. Well... the reasoning was that if Davy Jones did have an Academy it would be, at the very least, moderately damp. Any other rationale behind the name is lost, tossed into to my well of whims long ago. Why there and not here? Well, mostly because I like to keep this blog for thoughts and mostly finished work. However, I may do a monthly "best of" post here.

So, if you have any interest in my terrible attempts at producing non-cartoony anatomy and other miscellany, feel free to follow this Tumblr stream.

There may also be the occasional cat because the internet is made of cats. In fact, the internet would explode if we didn't keep feeding it cat imagery. This is a well known phenomenon. I'm just doing my part to make sure the internet doesn't explode.

You're welcome.

To sum up, go look at my Tumblr for silly sketches and possibly cats.