Updates and Month of Monsters

Dear Fuzzy Readers, How was your summer? Productive I hope. Despite the lack of posts lately, I have in fact, been busy. On artsy things even! I am currently working with fellow world-builder and brilliant writer, Andrew Jack, creating a Lovecraftian themed webcomic. We have around eight pages completed so far. Once we get a season's worth finished, the site will be made public. Until then, nothing but teasers - teasers like this panel from the first comic. In other news, I'm still planning on boldly going forth with this year's Month of Monsters project in October. I've even put together a little site for the whole endeavor. ALSO and most importantly, I'm opening up the site to anyone who wishes to join me in this project. The full monstrous details can be found over at the Official Month of Monsters website. I encourage you to participate! 23 in '13 Project is still going, for me at least. However, I haven't had a chance to color the next piece yet. Right now these are being pushed to the side with all the work I'm doing with the aforementioned webcomic. As you may have noticed, the website has gone though a bit of a redesign. I'm still not too keen on how it's looking right now, so expect a few more changes before I quit messing with the colors and layout. I think that's about it. What have you been up to this summer?