Clever Girl Fan Art

RAR! :) velociraptors-sm

If you are unfamiliar with the musical wanderings of The Doubleclicks, I highly recommend you check them out and then buy all their things. The wee velociraptor's words are from their song Clever Girl.

Also speaking of feathered dinosaurs, here are a few fun facts I discovered while researching our fluffy little raptor friend:

  • There is strong evidence that velociraptors had large feathers on their forearms.
  • Tyrannasaurs were probably fuzzy - at least, Yutyrannus huali was (that's assuming Yutyrannus huali is indeed a member of the tyrannasaur family once all the scientific challenges have been settled).
  • The color of some dino feathers are known (sort of - there's still research into the fossilization process of Melanosomes - the color indicating bits - and how much they deform).
  • More suspected colors - meet Sinosauropteryx.
  • Microraptors!