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For those not familiar with the brilliant wordsmithing of Matt Wallace, you have been missing out on some superb examples on how writing ought to be done. Not only will reading his stories be well worth your time, but Matt's command of words, molding and bending them into magnificent tales of disturbia and face shattering emotion, will make you a better, smarter and more amiable person. It's true ((Probably, but I've been a fan ever since I got hooked on the appropriately named collection of short stories, The Next Fix.)). FailedCities The Failed Cities, currently being offered as a signed limited addition hardcover from Murky Depths Publishing, tells the interconnected stories of eight individuals split between two juxtaposing worlds in a dystopian future.

Limited Edition

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endoffleshThe End of Flesh ((full disclosure, I illustrated the digital cover)), re-released as a stand-alone novella, is a twisted tale of the disturbing futuristic culture arising when animal meat disappears and humanity's inability to ignore their carnivorous side remains.

Kindle Edition