Brewing A Wedding Brew

Technically, that should be "brewing a homebrew for the bride and groom to give to all their out of town guests (where out of town = places past a mountain range) in a gift basket". Unfortunately that doesn't make a great title. Anyway, before I completely lose this post before I even get started, a friend of mine is getting married in mid-May (on my birthday, no less), and asked if I would be so kind as to design a beer for the happy occasion. Given the average palate of those attending, we decided a nice summer/pale ale would be the best style for this endeavor. Thus, McMiller HighLife (a play on the bride and groom's names, McBride and Miller, respectively), was born.

I modelled the recipe off of Pelican's Surfer's Summer Ale, but with the additions of orange and honey. The first batch was a tad bitter and very wheaty for the style, so with some minor tweaking  I think I got pretty close to the target flavor profile with the second batch. The main changes I made was adding the malt at the beginning of the boil, mellowing out the bittering hops, and throwing in some honey to balance the sour notes of the wheat.

And since you can't have a fancy gift basket without your home-made booze looking just as fancy, I made a label for the brew. Any resemblance to any other label is purely coincidental/in parody.