Of Voting and the Preservation of Boobs

Ahhh... Can you smell it? No, not the pungent aroma of sweating liberals and conservatives running around in a last minute attempt to convince voters that their candidate is the coolest thing on the block. No, something more subtle, yet equally, if not more important than the US elections. I'm referring to the sweet perfume of wee face fur sprouting forth from chins and cheeks. I speak of follicle frolicking, of dreams of man manes, of epic visage pelage cultivation. Yes, kind readers, it's that time of the year where we cry havoc, and let slip the beards of war against breast cancer. It be Beards4Boobs season!

What is How Not To Grow A Beard Month and Beards4Boobs? The short version: Grow a beard, save a boob. You can read all about it at the How Not To Grow A Beard Month site.

At some point this month, please consider voting (with cancer fighting cash) for one or many of these honorable individuals in their noble attempt to grow a beard whilst fighting against the vicious boob and life destroying foe, cancer.

Also, if you're a registered US voter, you know, do that thing too.