Achievement Unlocked: Month of Monsters Completed

The Recap I have to say this was an enjoyable little exercise. Some days I really had to really scratch around in the ol' brain juices to come up with original creatures and little stories to flesh out their characters. What surprised me the most, I think, was that I was expecting to struggle with ideas more than I did. *high fives brain for doing an awesome job* And those days where I was having idea comas, internet peoples came to the rescue. Thanks internet peoples! You're the best.

Will I ever do this again?

Eh... yeah, probably. BUT! Next time I think I will sucker encourage others to slip into a 30 day bout of monstrous insanity participate in the challenge. Maybe I can, you know, make it a thing. That's what you do on the internet, right, make silly challenges a thing? Right.

What's Next

Apparently I had a case of the crazies and committed myself to both The 30 Character's Challenge AND NaNoWriMo.

Oh boy... what was I thinking?

I'm still under the silly assumption that this is totally doable. Totally. We'll see if my dilutions prove correct. Wish me luck.

The 2012 Month of Monsters Line-up

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A lot of the original art is still for sale. If you're interested check out my store. Also, a three-pack is available.