Month of Monsters: Olga the Nosy

"Well," said Olga, waggling a knowing eyebrow. "I heard that Mr. Coffmin, seeing as he was never fond of Mrs. Coffmin's treacle tart, so guess what he did, he fed it to the chickens!

"As anyone who's anyone knows, chickens are dreadfully allergic to treacle. Turns out he poisoned the whole flock! Oh, I heard the misses was ever so shocked to find all her hens belly up. He didn't tell her about the tart, you see. Instead he told her he heard that the vampire moths were extra bad this year and that he reckoned that's what got them.

"I hear she now spends the night in the coop with the replacement hens with a bunch of garlic and a fly swatter.

"At least that's what I heard. What did you hear?"

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