Month of Monsters: Colorable Cory

FUN FACT: Cory used to be a prize winning pumpkin grower, but that was before he took a snail to the knee.

FUN FACT: Cory gives out cake upon request.

FUN FACT: Cory holds the patent on an effective hair growth shampoo.

FUN FACT: Cory has a cousin twice removed on his mother's side that's an orangutan.

FUN FACT: Cory's real name is King Rupert, Master Furby Slayer, Lord of the Dance III.

FUN FACT: Cory does not smell like wet dog when he gets damp.

FUN FACT: Cory keeps a litter of kittens hidden in his beard for emergencies.

FUN FACT:  Cory once was sun bathing in Montauk and got mistaken for a secret government experiment.

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