The Day it Rained Slugs

There's a reason why the slug immediately came to mind when I was thinking up names for this site, long ago, in a web host far far away. I live in the Pacific Northwest. You may have heard rumors that it rains a lot here. While I always like to point out that these rumors are greatly exaggerated since our summers are relatively dry, the winter months do indeed tend to be dominated by a penetrating cold soggy moistness. All this water, as it happens, is wonderful slug fertilizer. In fact, there have been years where we have suffered from slug blooms of biblical proportions. Until last night I had just assumed that the all the rain promoting prime slug growing conditions was the only reason for the large population of garden gastropods.

I now know the truth, and the truth is this; it actually rains slugs.

Last night, when I let the dog out to do his thing for the last time before retiring for the night, it was raining pretty hard. Being dark out, I didn't give the current weather conditions a good look. When the dog returned to the back door a short while later, I noticed something odd on his head. Looking closer, I discovered a very merry little slug staring up at me. How the dog acquired this little hitchhiker, I could only speculate that it must, despite all unlikelihood, be raining slugs. Logically, it was the only explanation that made sense. I would have investigated the phenomenon more, but the possibility of being rained on by slugs wasn't an appealing thought.

Behold, photographic evidence: