A Puppy and His Log

DSC_3205 Our Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Wicket is nearing his one year birthday.

Best puppy ever. Really.

I was a bit worried when we got him that the floor up to the one foot level of our house would experience an untimely death by puppy teeth, but I was pleasently surprised to find that was not the case. He only nibbled on a rag rug or two (but did not destroy) at the most. House training only had a handful of accidents before he figured that one out. Training has been easy and quick. And the barking, well that only happens when evil neighbor cats and squirrels are in view or he is running after an extra fast dog at the dog park.

I'm impressed by the little big guy to say the least. (We noticed that his head is nearly the same size as my brother-in-law's husky and his feet are the same size.) A very smart critter, he's been picking up most new tricks and concepts within a few minutes.  However, he still has a few rough edges to work on such as recall under distractions, but I know we will get there eventually. Practice, practice.

We were originally considering a German Shepard as that was the dog breed I had grown up with and Andy was keen on something big. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we decided against this given the size of our house and yard not being adequate, in our view, for a Shepherd. I think the Corgi choice was an excellent alternative and much more suited to our setup. I know both Andy and I are very happy with the pup we ended up with (as does the cat).