A Cat and His Fireplace

DSC_3267 He's a good cat, and like all good and noble hobbits felines, he prefers the company of a warm spot to rest his fuzzy feet.

When we adopted the fellow back in 2004, we were told that he was about three years of age at the time. After the first vet visit though, they suspected that he was a bit older than that. If I had to make a guess, I would say he is now at least ten if not older.

Upon a recent visit to the vet to take care of some much needed tooth cleaning, it was reveled that his liver is in trouble. We still need to do a few more tests on the poor fellow to find out exactly what's up, but he seems in good spirit, appetite, and mood especially now that he has clean teeth. So, hopefully it's something that can be managed or, at least, pass unnoticed by Mr. Bilbo.

In the mean time, I suspect (and hope) there are many more days of enjoying the fires and harassing the dog in his future.