New Year's Greetings

Hello! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I just recently returned from visiting my European relatives for Christmas and New Years. In addition to this trip, I was the photographer for my brother-in-law's wedding which took place on Dec. 19. It's been a crazy busy season for me. I've just been able to start the recovery process. Needless to say, I've just gotten the chance to finish up my Christmas cards and send them off. I created a couple of pieces for this year, but only ended up using one of them. I had hoped to add color to the angler fish one, but given time constraints and not being satisfied with my first attempts, I decided just to use the squid tree one for everyone. So it goes. Perhaps I'll resurrect the anger fish for next Christmas. It would be a shame not to use it for something.



You may also notice that the site has changed a little bit. I moved it over to a new provider and took the opportunity to update the theme to one that is less buggy. If anyone happens to find anything that doesn't look quite right, please let me know. There may have been a few things that might not have transfered correctly. Thanks and Happy New Year! :)