Improper Use of Slugs Project

Today is The Fuzzy Slug's third year anniversary (plus an extra year or so when it was on Blogger). In commemoration, I decided this would be the perfect time to start a project that's been wandering around my head for some time now. As the more observant of you may have deduced from the title of this post, this project has to do with slugs. More specifically, the improper use of slugs. Following in the footsteps of similar projects of the past, such as the 700 Hoboes project, the 700 Mole-men project, and the 56 Geeks project (among others), each image will be a unique representation of the improper use of slugs theme.

Slug Candles

To begin, I would like to present the first image in this series; a birthday cake befitting The Fuzzy Slug. I'm not sure how the person who constructed this cake was able to light the slugs on fire as they are naturally fire retardant. Perhaps they dipped the slugs in kerosene first? It's probably best these questions are left unanswered.


In addition to the improper slug usage of my own device, if anyone has any suggestions for improper slug usage, leave a comment or email me with your suggestions. Granted there is no guarentee that I will pick your suggestion (i.e. it may already be on my master list or it doesn't register high enough on my awesome meter - personal taste and all). However, that being said, if I do pick your idea to include in this project, you will recieve a free print of the image. NOTE: If you leave your suggestion in the comments, please make sure to include a valid email address so I may contact you if your idea is selected.

Let the torturing of slugs commence!